We take pride in our 2D Animation! We do live action integration, Rigged 2D Animation, and digital/traditional animation. If your looking for a classic cartoon look, then digital/traditional animation is right for you! We use a combination of Toon Boom Harmony, Adobe Animate and Adobe After Effects.


When it comes to sleek and modern, choose motion graphics. Simple movement to a logo can bring your brand to life! We do a variety of motion graphics like accent pop ups, info graphics, and logo animation. We use Adobe After Effects for our motion graphics.


Do you like lasers? How about explosions? VFX can add a multitude of unique aspects to a project and make it feel larger then life. It can also be used more subtlety to fix or edit footage. We do custom muzzle flashes, explosions, lasers and more!


It is the quintessential animation experience- Stop Motion. Each frame (24 frames per second) must be carefully adjusted to create the illusion of movement. The result, is magical. We work with Stop Motion Studio Pro and Adobe After Effects for our projects.


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