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Vision:  An animation studio in New York City that fosters a community of disenfranchised artists.


Mission: To create quality works of art that inspire and excite audiences, and to aid our animators in fulfilling their cleos.


Values: Creativity, Ingenuity, Diversity, and Inclusion, Patience

Cleos Studios LLC is an animation production studio based in New York City.  We're a commercial firm with a tendency to tell personal, touching short films that inspire our communities. 

Chevez J. Sanchez founded the studio based on the idea of Cleos. The word derives from the Latin word Cleo, and the Greek word Kleos.

cle·os /kleos/

1. An occupation at one's highest point of interest in which they achieve personal glory.

2. What one does on the "hero's journey" to obtain the "treasure".

Chevez, along with the other members of the studio, not only have a passion, but their Cleos is animation. 

What We Do:

We've created commercial production for various companies in a lot of different ways, such as,

Pilots, Music Videos, Mini-Series, Logo Animation, Concept Art, and General Advertisements.

In addition, we've also developed our own IP and are producing original short films! 

The Bottom Line: We're Storytellers. Whether it's our story or yours, we'll bring it to life!

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Our Team


Chevez J. Sanchez

CEO/ Director, Animator

Ethan Seemungal

Project Manager

Alec Fernandez

Character Animator

Anshuman Uchil

Layout Artist, Concept Artist


Justin Jacquez


Pictures from our Art Show in November 2021 

Some may say traditional animation is dead, we say otherwise. In a world where everything is available at your fingertips, the values of traditional animation are being subverted in favor of a “one-click” solution to get the job done faster. Well, that’s simply not how we do things at Cleos Studios.


Call us old school, it’s a compliment. 


The Original Cleos Team- Circa 2018