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About Us


What we do

Cleos Studios LLC is a Latino-led animation production company located in New York, NY.

Our team of fine draftsmen (and women) specialize in character-led, 2D Cell Animation. 

Beyond this, our studio is capable of producing animation in any style, for any audience. 

We create original short-films and narrative works. Our compact team of animators have completed Pilots, Short Series, and Commercial Advertisements. 

We partner with Ad Agencies by providing key services such as Storyboarding, and Motion Graphics, and of-course full animation production. 

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Who we are

Chevez J Sanchez founded Cleos Studio at a time when Latin Representation was even lower than it is today. The goal has always been to tell stories from unheard perspectives; from our perspectives. We've stayed true to this mission with our first short film, Train of Thought

Like Film and Television, the Animation industry is still dominated by white studio owners. 

Chevez started Cleos Studio to create a door for people of color to walk through. Our studio is proudly comprised of many latino animators, Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Cubans, and Argentinians to name a few.


Chevez Jedai Sanchez

President & Director of Cleos Studio 

Chevez started Cleos Studio in 2018. As President he oversees all of the team's projects to ensure fine craftsmanship. He storyboards and directs! For the past five years he’s helmed short-films, pilots, and short series for Independent New York producers. His latest film “Train of Thought” has had a great start to its festival run with a selection in NYIFF. 


Chevez is proud of his Puerto Rican Heritage and works to incorporate lessons from the shared experiences of the Latino studio into original productions. 

"I've been animating ever since I learned to hold my pencil upright. I created comic books, stop motions, and digital animations in my childhood. Each form of story-telling was more exciting than the next. My passion for the moving image led me to seek training for 2D Traditional Animation at the High School of Art and Design and draftsmen training at the Art's Student League of New York. Although I was trained as an animator, I've always been a storyteller. Animation is storytelling within every 24th of a second. This is my Cleos."

-Chevez J Sanchez


The studio was founded based on the idea of Cleos. The word derives from the Latin word Cleo, and the Greek word Kleos.

cle·os /kleos/

1. An occupation at one's highest point of interest in which they achieve personal glory.

2. What one does on the "hero's journey" to obtain the "treasure".

Chevez, along with the other members of the studio, not only have a passion, but their Cleos is animation. 

Vision:  An animation studio in New York City that fosters a community of disenfranchised artists.


Mission: To create quality works of art that inspire and excite audiences, and to aid our animators in fulfilling their cleos.


Values: Creativity, Ingenuity, Diversity, and Inclusion, Patience

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What's "Cleos"?

Pictures from our Art Show in November 2021 

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