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Animated Content
for Health and Wellness

Deconstruct complex topics and Engage your audience
with animated videos specifically designed for wellness. 

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Our Partners

 Bridging  the  Gap: 

Research-based programs, Hospitals, and Institutions everywhere are suffering from poor engagement levels and ineffective communication. We can fix this.  

Our animated videos dramatically increase engagement and communicate health topics in a way that surpasses all limitations!

Here's how we helped  Associate Professor

Terri Powell from one of the nation's leading mental health research departments; The Blab, at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.


 Mental Health:

Our videos can creatively depict abstract emotions like stress, anxiety, and gratitude- all while breaking down information in an entertaining way. 

Provide a deeper understanding of Emotions. 

Story Telling:

Animation provides a safe and expressive medium for exploring complex emotions and inner struggles. Through carefully crafted narratives, we can connect with characters who may mirror our own experiences. 

Connect with your Audience.


Why Cleos?

We're the only studio dedicated to Wellness.

We are committed to helping institutions across the world combat the mental health crisis. We have never worked with pharmaceutical companies to promote the sale of drugs.

We provide end to end production. 

So you can focus on the important work you're doing and not worry about managing production teams and hiring actors. All you have to do is approve, and we'll deliver. 

We work directly with you, and save you money.

"Health and Wellness" Agencies are destroying your budgets- and they aren't even doing the work. We should know, because they've outsourced to us in the past! 

Your Video in Three Easy Steps.


It all starts with a script that you'll approve. Next is storyboarding and design. These elements comprise the blueprint for production.


During production, we create the puzzle pieces of your video. Voice-over and Animation are completed in this phase.


Post Production is where the puzzle pieces come together. We'll fine-tune until your stunning video is complete. 

Show- don't tell.

We're dedicated to bringing your wellness message to life through animated videos that captivate your audience and drive meaningful engagement.

Your Perfect Video Partner

Interested in a wellness video?

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What Our Clients Say


Mohamed S. Jalloh Esq. - Live Life Virtually App

"I very much enjoyed working with Cleos Studios. Initially I did not know what to expect and what would go into making a commercial, they made the process very simple, and I knew what they were doing the entire way through which is very important to me. The first draft was better than I imagined, and they were more than willing to make whatever changes I needed for a final draft. I will be using them again." 


Bryant Falk- Abacus Entertainment

"Been working with Cleos Studios for a number of years now.  They have done a great job in bringing our ideas into reality.  As we move forward we plan on working with the Cleos team."

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Eileen Goldblatt- D'hair

"I am pleased to tell you about Cleos Studios and their creative leader Chevez Sanchez. Chevez is a talented animator who can make magic happen by giving life to drawings, illustrations, and just about everything the eye can see. Working with the Cleos Studios Team, promotional campaigns and social media have begun to take shape, and other helpful services such as live-action video and photo shoots have been implemented. They've been a huge help to my brand. I would recommend their services to my colleagues."


Philip Galinsky- National Monologue Slam

"I have my brain in many various projects and working with Cleos Studios has built my brand and gained me exposure we wouldn't have obtained without their expertise. Cleos has always been there to support in anyway no matter how tight the deadline. I would highly recommend their services, not only are they a young and agile company but they have an old-school feel that includes actually calling you and talking over the phone, doing zooms, and making sure the content is tailored exactly to your needs."


Andre Paradassee- Metropolitan Authors

"Cleos Studios is a group of energetic collaborators that are invested in bringing ideas to life. They use their vast knowledge of illustrations and animations to help shape your creative vision in a timely and efficient manner. They get it done, beautifully."


Jonathan Pilot- Unlabel Me

"I have worked on several projects with Cleos Studios and nothing I could say about the collaboration and results could do it justice. The "doing" part - the work - is only one aspect of why I am so committed to future projects to work on with them. There is an ease and joy that is consistent in my experiences with the Cleos team, the ease and flow of always finding the best way to get the work completed, in the most professional manner, in the give and take that is always required in any creative endeavor. I cannot recommend any studio more highly.  "

Elevate User Experience on your App!

Animation and Illustration make applications and services more engaging

65% of folks are visual learners. So without animation, you're losing engagement. Give more value to users and increase retention by incorporating animation. Show don't tell! 


Basic UI

UI With Animation

Our Blog

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Check out our latest posts! We talk about animation, mental health, fitness, and more!

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